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Tropicana Industrial Park


Location: Iskandar, Johor

Tenure: Freehold

Type: Industrial Park

Land Area: 1,188 acres

Guarded industrial park✅


Tropicana Industrial Park is brilliantly positioned in Iskandar Malaysia which is surrounded by a host of ready amenities and comprehensive infrastructures. There are a wide range of established developments in Iskandar Malaysia which will be the catalyst for the industrial growth of Tropicana Industrial Park such as Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Southern Industrial Logistics and Clusters (SiLC), Tanjung Bin Power Plant, MSC Malaysia Cyberport City, Kota Iskandar, Forest City Golf Resort, and many more.

There is also a huge pool of skilled workers in the surrounding Pontian and Pekan Nenas townships.

Tropicana Industrial Park will be a thriving epicentre of industrial activity that will drive businesses to next level.

Integrated Transport Networks for Efficient Industrial Activity
Located in proximity to four major highways, Tropicana Industrial Park offers easy accessibility and enhances frieght transportation. The upcoming link bridge which connects Johor Bahru to Pontian will provide added advantage for business operations in Tropicana Industrial Park and there are also two international airports nearby that complement the industry.

One of the fastest-growing ports in the world, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) is located just 23km away from Tropicana Industrial Park. Currently, PTP holds the 15th position among the top 100 ports in the world and it is a mere 45 minutes from the confluence of the world's busiest shipping lanes. In 2020, port of Tanjung pelepas was the only port that saw a jump in its ranking from the 18th position to 15th and it recorded a growth rate of 8.5% last year. It is one of the few ports in the world that can accommodate the latest class of mega-vessels.

The emphasis on smart technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to PTP's current and future growth. The investment opportunities garnered by Iskandar Malaysia and PTP's plan for digital transformation, will further boost the value of land and properties, in its surrounding and attract significant invertments from local and global companies.

  • Reduced Transportation Costs
    • Shorten the distance to transport goods, thus lowers the cost of transportation of goods.
  • Save Time & Labour Cost
    • Componies near to port will save time and labour costs due to a shortened transportation route and duration.
  • Access to Better Facilities
    • The facilities and transportation networks around the port are well-managed and the nearby industries will have the benefits of accessing better facilities.
  • Easy Access to Workers
    • The active industrial and logistic operations surrounded at Tanjung Pelepas Port had provided ready workforce supply and easy recruitment.

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